2017 Summer Art Camp

The studio has been developed into an attractive creative space in the ground floor of a 117 year old dairy barn. Thick cement walls keep it cool all summer.  There is also plenty of space out doors for children to run around and let off steam. I’m planning  4 sessions of 5 days; 3 hours per day; Ten o’clock to One o clock. Materials are included and there is a snack interlude featuring homemade edibles from the garden and hen house. The students will participate in making the snack. The cost is $220 per session. Maximum class size 10.  Ages 8 – 14, with some age flexibility.This outline is subject to minor adjustments as we get closer summer.  Classes will run in all but the most extreme weather .  

  • Session One: June 26 – 30.  ages 9 -13.
  • Session Two: July 10 – 14.  ages5-8.
  • Session Three:  July 24 – 28.  ages 9-13
  • Session Four: August 21 -25.  ages 5-8.
  • Monday: Clay figures: little people no more than two inches tall shaped from clay and placed in miniature habitat of materials from nature. They will need to harden so will be taken home on Friday.
  • Tuesday: Printmaking; potato print and monoprint using acrylic paint. Color mixing is part of this lesson. Size of the finished prints is not yet determined.
  • Wednesday: Block Prints on the Etching Press. Older children will design and cut their own prints, smaller children will use pre-cut designs,  inking them and running them through the press. Different types of paper will be discussed. To avoid a bottleneck at the press there will be simultaneous free painting.
  • Thursday: Three dimensional objects; sanding and priming gourds or bird houses. This is to teach the difference between painting on a  two dimensional surface and painting on a three dimensional surface.
  • Friday: Paint the clay figures we made on Monday. Then go for a 20 minute walking field trip to gather botanical specimens and draw them.  Snack on Friday is Elephant Ears (In Russia they are called Paczki and in Mexico they are Churros) made on the spot.

We will also offer” Painting and Mimosas” on Friday nights from seven to nine for any adults interested in getting together  and learning to paint. The first one is tentatively set for Friday July Seventh at Gretka’s Coldwater Studio. For $40.00 you will be able to use paints and brushes and a canvas board. I will start with my method of color mixing and brush technique and then some basic design concepts and finally we will complete the painting. For anyone interested in designing an original set of greeting cards, we can spend a few classes designing, cutting and printing block prints on my  Conrad Etching Press. You may enjoy a Mimosa or a glass of cold well water. The studio is wheelchair accessible. Please call me to reserve a place.

Looking forward to meeting you in the beautiful Alto Summer time!

Gretka Domer

Here are some of the things that previous participants have said about the class:

“We can’t say enough about the art class. Not only were our children so excited to leave the house every day for art class, they literally ran out the door. Never, have I seen my youngest get so energized and eagerly ready to go to art class. Ms. Gretka and her daughters have opened my children more to art in a summer than many years of school art. The works that they did weekly were not only original in nature (and often made from nature), but they were beautiful!!! We display the art in our home and even have a collage of my daughter’s pieces she create on her bedroom wall.

The children were also so delighted that they could create a tasty and edible masterpiece out of the food nature has give them from Ms. Gretka’s garden and farm. They loved every part of art class! We look forward to more art with Ms. Gretka and her beautiful helpers at Coldwater Studio Thanks Gretka!!!”

Thanks so much for having my daughter at your art camp. She thoroughly enjoyed her time this past summer and always looks forward to upcoming classes. She is always impressed by the nature walks and gathering of plants and flowers that your then inspire them to paint. She absolutely loves painting in the barn and feels like it brings here closer to nature. Thanks so much for all that you do to inspire the young students that are interested in art and nature.”