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Moving into May

Apple petals are falling this morning and I planted arugula. Mother’s Day is a great tradition! I’m glad it comes every year. Having children return to the farm is pure happiness, not only here at my house but in the neighborhood which I will be telling you about as time passes.

On Friday I filled in for the art teacher at Caledonia Elementary School. I had a blast! One of the lessons I taught was on the work of Grandma Moses. Her unschooled but magnificent paintings of  rural America in the 1800’s, often with a panoramic format, convey an appreciation for the rhythms of country life and an optimistic view of humanity.  And the fact that she took up painting late in life is inspiring.

Here is a painting I did long ago of a little boy in England who has since died.  Spring time in England is magical. Living with animals is good for the soul. I hope to share my joy in these things with children and adults who come to my hilltop art studio.

Hilltops are rare in lower Michigan, and on another hilltop nearby there is something else to make your trip worthwhile: Boulder Ridge Wildlife Park.  I hope to go over there today with my daughter who is moving to Battle Creek for a summer internship. Also in the neighborhood you can find Heidi’s Farm Market, recently opened for the season.  Alto is as fine a community as you will find anywhere and the township is looking forward to having an art center right here at the corner of Bergy avenue and Selah drive.


Dave Mason and a lamb
Dave Mason and a lamb
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