Lovely June

The children came and we celebrated a wonderful week here. The class size was small so we were able to go down to the Coldwater River and catch Crawdads, (Crayfish) We caught 21 and then let them go when they started getting depressed. How do those crustaceans know which way to go to get back in the water?

On Friday we fried doughnuts as promised. The children said they were more like Churros. We’ll call them Churros or Elephant Ears. Either way they are a hit!

Here is a sheduling update: The art camp scheduled for July 25 through 29 will not be held here but at the Caledonia Christian Reform Church as part of their summer program. We still have room in the July 11 – 15 class and the August 8- 12 class.

News in the hen house is as follows: Since we have a black cat in the neighborhood whose name is Monster, I have to be careful about letting the

This little traveler bumped his head on my window. My son warmed him in his hand and he revived and flew away
Still groggy from a collision with my window, a warbler perches on my finger.

flock free range since he already demostrated his willingness to kill baby pigeons. So that means I have to buy more grain and everyday I have to forage for the hens and pigeons and get them weeds and overgrown vegetables for extra nutrition. It turns out both hens and pigeons like Cilantro. I’m aslo giving them the bolted spinach and lettuce. I had a nice row of Collards, but those are so popular with chickens that they’ve pretty much eaten them to the ground. That reaffirms the fact that Collards are a superfood! With humans behaving so badly on the world stage what with shooting each other and saying miserabl things about each other, I’m happy to provide high quality food for chickens instead of humans.

Mullberries are in season and when I let the flock out in th evening they rush over to the Mullberry tree and fill thmselves with sweet fruit. So when you purchase my eggs you know you are getting the best that money can buy.

Within the last five minutes the weather has changed and we are in for a big blow. Hopefully some much needed rain will be swept in from the mighty Lake Michigan. My focus for the coming week is Gratitude. I am indeed blessed.




Rosa Parks Circle

Last week was Festival of the Arts in Grand Rapids . I sat for a characature sketch by Chris La Porte in the tent where my son takes care of customers and framing. Meanwhile a gospel choir was rocking their message, while food and drink was being sold all along the streets. It’s a great  event.

Back out in th country the sky is dark, and the milky way is bright. The Coldwater River is running by with trout in it. Fly Fishermen will be back tomorrow to try again.

I purchased ground cherry seeds from Wisconsin and planted them yesterday.  I haven’t tasted those golden fruits since I was a child visiting my grandma in Rice Lake. I hope the children will enjoy picking them in August. Other garden news is that I have enough lettuce to share in the neighborhood and enough cilantro to sink a ship. I pulled a lot of it and gave it to the chickens.