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Rosa Parks Circle

This little traveler bumped his head on my window so I was able to revive him and send him on his way.

Last week was Festival of the Arts in Grand Rapids . I sat for a characature sketch by Chris La Porte in the tent where my son takes care of customers and framing. Meanwhile a gospel choir was rocking their message, while food and drink was being sold all along the streets. It’s a great  event.

Back out in th country the sky is dark, and the milky way is bright. The Coldwater River is running by with trout in it. Fly Fishermen will be back tomorrow to try again.

I purchased ground cherry seeds from Wisconsin and planted them yesterday.  I haven’t tasted those golden fruits since I was a child visiting my grandma in Rice Lake. I hope the children will enjoy picking them in August. Other garden news is that I have enough lettuce to share in the neighborhood and enough cilantro to sink a ship. I pulled a lot of it and gave it to the chickens.

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