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Masterworks Art Camp

In Caledonia the Christian Reformed Church  held their annual summer arts camp and invited me to teach. The class was called “Finding Your Inner Picasso” for third through eighth grade. We turned out some original portraits in unusual color schemes and spent one day studying print-making. These children gave me their full attention and it was a joy for me to spend a week with them. At the same time, under the same roof, children were learning an amazing variety of arts with many skilled artists and craftsmen from our area. Cooking, Sewing, Dancing, Martial Arts and Percussion were a few class offerings. The logistics and planning for this event was terrific. Well done Marlene and Sue!

Anyone in the neighborhood is invited to get your morning coffee or evening brew at Essential Bean and Brewery on M37 in Caledonia. While you are there enjoy my ten paintings which will be on display into October.

Its August and the yellow jackets are being fruitful and multiplying. I disturbed a nest while sweeping the barn and got two nasty stings. At the same time I heard an outraged yell from Hudson across the road; a little boy who is always cheerful. I know that scream for “Mommy!”  I’m pretty sure that was a yellow jacket encounter too. Tomorrow morning I will be working with three of the children from the end of the road to finish splitting our pile of wood. I’ll have a can of Black Flag ready.

summer art camp
summer art camp

Then the last week of art classes will be upon us.


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