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Autumn is here !

In case you wondered where I had gone, ( O multitude of followers), I crushed my finger under a heavy machine and had to have a joint fused by the skilled surgeon,Dr Joseph Looby. If you like pain, I highly recommend this small alteration.  I’m thankful for every digit I have and even though its hard to key i and k etc, I think I will get this finger back to work soon.

Art prize passed by quickly and the most significant thing in my view was Jennifer Pascua of WZZM who asked Mr Trump to his face for his reaction  to being pronounced  unfit for the presidency and un-endorsed by USA Today. This all took place in the Gerald Ford Presidential Museum as people were viewing the art displayed there.

There was also high quality, provocative art all over the city. You can see for yourself at artprize .org.

Also I want to draw your attention to the Grand Rapids Women’s Chorus which is preparing for two concerts; one in November and one in December. Please visit

I’m going to leave my remarks at that for today since keying is difficult with a splint on my finger but I’d like to share something pretty for fall.

working team
working team


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