May Again

Dave Mason and a lamb


Grandma’s Garden
Hens on hitching post


Here are some of the things I like about May. It takes me an hour or two to figure out how to move these images around in the ether and have them end up where I want them.  But I shall overcome this technology ineptitude.


keep going. .  .
















keep going . . . .





Birds in Willows


Its Eleanor’s Birthday again so we went t o find the Virginia Bluebells. There they were by the river. Eleanor is now a certified Forest Fire Fighter. She has received a grant for a Forestry research project she proposed and presented. She knows about carbon sequestration, soil types, horticulture, trees and so much more, and the other day she saved the life of a beetle named James who was experiencing adversity in his /her life. I guess you can tell I’m proud of my daughter.