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Teemeyer 10 greedy banker

One of the things Cinderella had learned was that there was an escaped criminal living in the abandoned bank at the corner of Michigan37 and sixtieth street. He was a greedy banker who had stolen money from thousands of old people and after escaping from the law, he had managed to sneak under the vault in the abandoned bank because it used to be his bank where he did all his greedy crimes. He lived under the vault and took care of his money. He also had a slug farm where he raised slugs. For twelve years he had lived there and Cinderella just happened to be the only one that knew about it. She had overheard some things and put two and two together to make four. She had heard that every time someone wanted to buy that abandoned bank they would go take a look at it, and when they left there would be slugs in their shoes. Don’t ask me how the slugs got into the shoes; I don’t know, but nobody ever made an offer to buy the bank and the greedy banker was able to keep on committing his little crimes.

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