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12.Teemeyer visits Roosevelt

The next day Teemeyer flew straight to Dutton and as he stood in the water he saw the dogs slipping into the hole under the corn crib. He flew over and stood next to the corn crib. It was silent and still. The hole was about the size of a groundhog hole and Mr Drawbridge thought he had a groundhog problem. He was planning to smoke them out.Teemeyer had information from Cinderella that he wanted the dogs to know. After standing there three hours he was about to give up when he saw dog’s eyes watching him from under ground. He glanced around to see if humans were near and signaled to the dog with his eyelashes that they were alone.
The dog, whose name was Roosevelt, inched a bit closer but remained under ground. They had a silent conversation in which Teemeyer learned of the difficulty of life as a pack of fugitive dogs, and Roosevelt learned about Australia and how to get there. Roosevelt let Teemeyer know that they weren’t hungry because they cleaned up at Shady Side Park every night and there were plenty of left-over Big Macs in the dumpster. The thing they were sad about was that they had no one to play with and no one ever brushed their dirty coats.

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