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Teemeyer 16, the meeting under the spruce tree

Once outside, Cinderella whispered to Elsa, “Meet me under the Spruce Tree after school.” It sounded like a purr but Elsa, Katie and Freda all understood the message.
As soon as the children got off the school bus they hurried to the Spruce Tree where they had first met Cinderella. They thought she probably wanted tuna fish since that was her favorite treat. They found her near the grave they had made for their pet rabbit Thumper. That’s where they usually met with Cinderella unless they found her on the bench when they visited the library. So it was a surprise when they saw Cinderella with three tiny men no bigger than cats standing near the grave. This was the first time Morris, Frank and Stanley had met with humans so they were blushing. Its not everyday you have a gathering of this nature. Cinderella led the meeting and it was held in a silent language we don’t understand, but everyone present learned what they needed to know.

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