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T22, The Meeting among the Willows

In Dutton Mr Hammer got out of his truck to buy gum to chew at baseball practice. Cinderella slipped from the bed of the truck with her purse around her neck. She had never been to Dutton before but with her sixth sense she was able to find Mr Drawbridge’s corn crib. Teemeyer, Morris, Frank and Stanley were waiting in the willows but the swans had flown back to Caledonia to make sure their cygnets had not been pulled under water by a snapping turtle. Cinderella gave the matches to Stanley and crept down the hole to talk to the dogs. She explained with her eyes the danger they were in and said that they would have to abandon their effort to reach Australia.
She hadn’t told anyone but Teemeyer her plan to use the dynamite and Teemeyer thought it was part of the Australia plot. What he didn’t know was that Cinderella had picked up a Heat-Detecting Global Positioning System ( a small box with super powers) that the township supervisor had dropped outside the library. She had figured out how to use it to find the abandoned bank and was flabbergasted to see that the dogs’ tunnel led underneath the bank and did not lead to Australia at all. Cinderella was cool. She had things under control, but it is a big responsibility to be the only one that knows something.

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