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T24,Eating Popcorn under the Mulberry tree

Elsa, Freda and Katie had persuaded their mothers to go to Dutton after school to visit Shady Side and Drawbridge’s farm where they had so many happy childhood memories. Sitting under the Weeping Mulberry tree, they were eating popcorn when there was a roaring blast from behind Drawbridge’s corn crib. Dirt flew up and fell right down on Mr Drawbridge who was unaware that his dynamite had been placed in the tunnel by a Blue Heron, a quick thinking cat, three unwanted dogs and three tiny men no bigger than cats.
Most of the blast however happened at the other end of the tunnel. It blew up the abandoned bank at M37 and Sixtieth Street and the greedy criminal banker was carried high into the heavens along with his slug farm and money, but he didn’t stay there. Gravity overcame his upward flight and he came down on top of the Steelcase pyramid just as it was being sold to a digital information company whose name escapes me but it starts with G.

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