Here is a map of Caledonia where Teemeyer first met Cinderella.  When I see how those Great Blue Herons fly from stream to pond in our community, and how many cats live in our village, I wouldn’t be surprised if there were another mystery being solved in an unexpected way.  If we stay in this town much longer we will probably hear about it.   P_20180415_150308_1_HDR_p.jpg

28, Transformation

Would you like to know what happened to Morris, Frank and Stanley? They were old and wise and did not want to become celebrities. Being men that small in public would have brought a lot of unwanted attention. Since they had once been cats themselves, they chose this moment to transform back into cats to keep their privacy.


Katie’s mother let her adopt Morris. That left Frank and Stanley for the sisters. Now they can curl up at the foot of each bed and listen to stories they have such fond memories of, and about an old gray cat and about owls in the spruce tree.

Great Start Readiness Program

P_20180402_173705_1_HDR_pP_20180405_123530_1_HDR_pI’ve had the opportunity to cover a need in the Great Start Readiness Program in Grand Rapids. Its a full time position, which is why I haven’t been blogging here. Also I have continued to run small classes in my studio. Here are some pictures, and there will be an article in tomorrow’s Grand Rapids Press and in the Sun and News.

27, McKensie’s

P_20180414_151909_1_HDR_pJan the Librarian was drinking iced tea on the library porch. She heard the explosion, saw the debris fly into the air and drove over to Dutton just in time to see the five unwanted dogs being ticketed for vagrancy. Jan has connections. She knew exactly how to resolve the situation, and took the dogs to McKensie’s Dog Rescue where they had good food, and people and dogs to play with. Jan decided to volunteer there every weekend to wash and brush the dirty dogs.

T26, Come Home Dear

Among the sweet crunchy pickles an marvelous change occurred. He had a moment of clarity and realized he didn’t need money to make him feel good, just pickles.

P_20180414_151852_1_HDR_p (1)

The billions of stolen dollars were slug-slimy when they came down and nobody wanted to touch them, so they were turned into compost. Mr Drawbridge got in a little trouble with the township because of the unscheduled blow-up at his farm, but everyone in Dutton loves Mr Drawbridge and honors him for his service in the war. The magistrate told him he couldn’t buy dynamite anymore but he could use smoke bombs anytime he checked with the fire department. His wife said, ”Come home Dear. That’s enough for one day.”