Early Morning in the Studio

Monday mornings we start at ten and work for two hours. The class is learning how to use a grid to transfer information form a photograph to a canvas. We took photos of each other’s  hands interacting in an interesting pose. Next we will study shading. After that the drawing will be used as the foundation of a painting on canvas.



Drawing Skills

Mark making: where can it lead? Start drawing a map or diagram from memory , or study a landscape or object and translate it from your brain to the paper, or form letters and numbers. This topic will be the focus of the next four weeks at Coldwater studio.Summer 2013 107


There was no post for the month of August because I was off the grid in remote Alaska. I made 30 paintings in a 5″ x 8 ” notebook using a medium I never used before; Gouache. We sailed, kayaked, and hiked , exploring islands, lakes and forests, witnessing whales, bears, porpoises, seals , eagles in their wilderness world. We also listened to an audio book of  James Michener’s  ALASKA, A NOVEL. The native peoples who called this home centuries ago came alive as we moved through their territory. More paintings will be posted soon