Let’s make a new painting this year.

I’m thinking of a painting with no orange face spray or hair spray. Without scorn, disdain, mockery, vanity and lies.This new year will have a color scheme that features brown and black skin tones, depth of personality that comes from holding on to hope in the face of government authorized discrimination for generations. Can you picture going on with cancer in the heart of our country? This cancer is called White Supremacy. Let’s embrace  brown.

Gesso on Damp Canvas

Cherry Staircase


Do you fancy this painting in your home or office? It’s a framed oil on canvas, measuring 2′ x 3′. It’s an intentionally distorted view of a house we lived in. That’s sometimes called cubism. I’ve set the price at $956, shipping included. You can see this and other paintings on this site under “store”.

Cherry Staircase 3″ x 4″ Oil on canvas

Winter Landscape

Just because it’s winter, I’m showing this work by one of my students. She was working from Monet’s painting; “Pie”. A detail of the painting is the magpie, a European bird similar to our crow. The student has used broken-color technique which VanGough first used. She also understands light and shadow in a winter landscape and mixing varied tints and shades of acrylic paint.

Ellie’s completed painting after Monet’s “Pie”