Art Class in July 2021

In this picture I see patterns of light and shadow, I see tones of dark brown, grey, and sepia. These hand-hewn beams and posts were fashioned in 1900. These barns are becoming quite rare, but this one is slowly being rescued.  The foundation has been braced by Foundation Solutions 360 . Eventually it will get new siding, but then the patterns of light and dark will be gone. I’m offering a class for incoming grades three through eight in two 3-day sessions in July. Details are posted on my facebook page; Coldwater Studio.


These rabbits lived and loved here about twenty years ago. Their ears are long, their lives are short. They brought a lot of happiness when my children were young. Does anyone fancy the Easter Bunny? It’s that time of year when parents hide things in the bushes to surprise their children. We do it because it’s a tradition, it’s fun, and brings delight to mark the milestones in a precious time of life; childhood. This framed painting, acrylic on canvas, is available for $385.00.


rabbits 2
rabbits on a red field