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Two Decades of Painting


I turned 50 when I graduated from Kendall College in 2001. Some of these paintings are student work from the previous years. I worked in house-cleaning, elder-care and substitute teaching for most of those years, while hosting art camps in the summer. My childhood and youth unfolded in a closed community in New York where later my children were born. I was born in north Georgia and then moved with my family to New York State to join a high-demand communal group. That is where my ideas were formed and where I was acculturated.

Twenty-five years ago my family was expelled from the group, where questioning leadership is seen as a travesty. The following years were difficult. Thanks to Hillside Community Church, the public schools, the medical community and the state of Michigan, we made it through, though not without scars.

I see art as an important contribution even in the most challenging world events and circumstances. Without inspiration and hope, how would the essential workers, doctors, care-givers and governors keep going? It’s snowing and bitterly cold in Michigan today, but I have a tiny studio in my house with good lighting, warmth to keep my arthritic fingers flexible, and a supportive community of friends. Here are some of the paintings on display at Trinity Lutheran Church in East Grand Rapids. Thanks to the members of the board for inviting me to show my work here.


Celebrating under the Interstate. Oil on Masonite, 3′ x 4′. $1300.00


House Finches. Sold.


Jerel in the Hay. Acrylic on Canvas. 24″ x 30″. $500.00.


Lesson before Dying. acrylic on clay board. 12″ x 14″. $460.00


Early Bird Catching Worm. 14″ x 20″. Oil on Canvas. $180.00


Lindy. Acrylic on Canvas. 20″ x  28″. $800.00.


Bike Mechanic. Oil on canvas, 2′ x 3′. $1200


Nighthawk. Oil and Gold-leaf on illustration board, 16″ x 24″. $180


Helen. Watercolor. 10″ x 12″. $200



Dad with Dove on Pipe. Oil on canvas, 12″ x 16″




Rabbits on Red Field, Acrylic on canvas, 20″ 24″. $200.

Bluebells.acrylic on illustration board. 12″x x14″. $78.00


Palestine. Oil on canvas, 2′ x 3′.  $125.00


The Running of the Deer. Oil on Canvas,”20′ x 24″. $270.


Sitka Fog. Oil on Canvas, 12″ x 18″.  $100.00


Black Bear Hauling Log. Oil on canvas, 12″ x 18″. $75.00



Green and Blue Crossplays. Oil on Masonite, 30″ x 48″. $320.00
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