Artist Statement

Coldwater Studio in Alto is a teaching studio. On days when there are no children I paint alone. My themes are weeds, mosses, patterns of light on old barns, rural landscapes, birds, weather phenomena and forest fires.
Some of my landscapes are impressionistic with visible brush strokes, capturing as much depth, vibrancy and drama as my skill and understanding will allow. I include depictions of human activity in my painting too. My degree is in Illustration so my work is representational and sometimes includes social commentary.
Growing up in New York I found creative ideas while walking in the woods and climbing mountains in the Catskill range. The ideas were linked to the literature I was introduced to by my parents. Listening to sermons triggered my mind to explore imaginary pictures which I later turned into drawings or paintings.
I provide a space for creativity as an alternative to the default gadgets and devices that we all have to live with. When children step into the barn and look up at the hand hewn structure, like a rugged cathedral, they step into a bygone time when a family farm was home to a dairy herd and a team of horses, and hay was stored forty feet aloft to feed the livestock through the winter.
I have found a balance between the solitude of painting and community of teaching. I’m a member of Lowell Arts and a member of the Grand Rapids Women’s Chorus. Both of these groups are forces for good in the neighborhood.

    • 6 years Montessori method art for dementia patients.
  • Art Instructor
    • Continuing Education Program at Kendall College
      of Art and Design
  • Caledonia Community Center
    • Community Enrichment Classes
  • Kraft Meadows Middle school
    • After School Art Classes
  • 19 years in private schools in New York and Connecticut
    • Elementary Art Teacher
  • Coldwater Studio
    • Private Art Classes
  • Village of Caledonia
    • Trustee + Library Planning Committee
  • Franciscan Life Process Center
    • Artist in Residence
  • Our Lady of the Wayside – home for the disabled
    • Life Enrichment Director