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A Friend

This is a detail of an oil painting I’ve been working on; two faces representing friendship. I’m at an age where I value friendship more than ever.My friend and I met over a decade ago, working as care-givers for folks suffering memory loss.

Van Gough’s Shoes

I recently saw a collection of original Van Gough paintings at the Detroit Institute of Art. The docents were very knowledgable and the painting very alive. Seeing them up close made me think, ” I can paint however I want to!” He painted so vibrantly and energetically. I appreciate that I am still alive to paint at 70, when he died so very young and in such loneliness and poverty.

Bracken at Deep Lake, Yankee Springs, Michigan

This new oil painting measures 24″ x 24″. I used pressed ferns and leaves as stencils and then worked them into a diffused landscape. Deep Lake is my favorite swimming hole. It’s only 20 minutes from my house. I used to take my children camping there which usually included a hike to the Devils Soup Bowl, a glacial kettle in the middle of the forest.