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Art Classes in Alto, Michigan

Hello, welcome to my blog. Check out the new site! I hope to connect with new circles with this updated and redesigned website. You will be able to view original art for sale as well as images of existing murals. I will be checking in once a week to tell you about the latest developments here at my hilltop art studio in Alto MI. My  plan is to provide a destination away from the city where visitors can come and enjoy the view of farmland, the lowing of herds, the  fragrance of cow manure and circling overhead a flock of white homing pigeons. The art activities all come together in my century old barn.

School will be ending for the year and I have something planned for third through eighth grade children. I have a medium sized vegetable garden, a laying flock producing eggs of every color, and these assets play a part in my week-long summer art camps. There is a gardening and food preparation interlude after the first hour of art class in which children can harvest whatever is in season or collect eggs to make pancakes. Never fear parents; I also teach hand-washing.  Boiled green beans with olive oil and garlic salt have been one of the most popular snack offerings, but the children’s favorite comes at the end of the week when we fry yeast donuts.

After we have refreshed ourselves we will return to our painting, printing, or gluing to see if our work is dry enough to finish.  The art class page of the website tells you what the classes are about. Children in this neighborhood have been coming for ten years and liking it,

detail from Rad Geranium Cafe, Grand Rapids Mi
detail from Red Geranium Cafe, Grand Rapids Mi

so I hope you will join us.