Classes 2020

I teach drawing, painting, print making, 3-D design. Here is a summary projects we have done;

Drawing includes ; understanding  volume, light and shadow, perspective, botanical drawing and scientific study of plants, architecture design, drawing farm tools, designing and producing a small story book.

Painting includes color mixing, brush technique, composition. We study the methods and ideas of at least one classical or contemporary painter. We will spend at 8 to 10 weeks  on painting, at least two finished paintings.

Printmaking includes mono print, potato print, and block print on an etching press. We will design and produce a set of greeting cards. We will study the history of print making.

3D using boxes, cartons, and paper mâché, we will make a piñata.

I include instruction in Ornithology and Field Biology in my classes as well as visits to the chicken house and vegetable garden and running breaks on the trail.

My teaching style is influenced my the Montessori method; follow the child’s natural exploration and discovery while sharing knowledge from a life time of experience in the arts. Sometimes a project will take an unexpected turn if the child has a unique idea or shows an interest in something I had not thought of.