Classes, Spring Break 2019

Watch for updates about a series of three classes April 2,3, and 4. It will be a painting class studying an artist by the name of Wayne Thiebaud. Parents may join in! The cost will be $120.00 per person for six hours of instruction.

Fall Classes

Printmaking for the Monday and Tuesday classes November 23 through December 13;  The students will design, cut and print their own greeting card, (not necessarily holiday themes) using linoleum blocks. I will provide small blocks free . If they want a bigger one, say 5″ x 8″ there will be an added cost of $8.00. This will take 4 or 5 classes. They will build on what they learned in drawing plus ideas about composition. $16.00/child/ 2-hour class. This class will continue through the academic year.

Winter Classes

There will be three classes in the first week of January: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. We will be painting a scene from a high angl, similar to Pieter Breughel the Elder (1500’s) and Grandma Moses (1900’s), showing people at work or play outdoors on a snowy background. My favorite is ice fishing at Campbell Lake. Students will plan, under-paint and complete their painting on canvas using acrylic paint. Class fee includes paint and brushes. You may purchase your own canvas or buy one from me for $7.00.

$119. $ 109-early bird special. Register with Caledonia resource center or with me. Call me at 616-881-3296.