Horses in a grassy field at sunrise

Here are some of the things that previous participants have said about my art classes.

“I have participated in multiple activities this summer. This one is definitely my favorite. I loved doing the potato prints and drawing Luna the chick.” — Kaytence Brown-Holzgen

“We can’t say enough about the art class. Not only were our children so excited to leave the house every day for art class, they literally ran out the door. Never, have I seen my youngest get so energized and eagerly ready to go to art class. Ms. Gretka and her daughters have opened my children more to art in a summer than many years of school art. The works that they did weekly were not only original in nature (and often made from nature), but they were beautiful!!! We display the art in our home and even have a collage of my daughter’s pieces she create on her bedroom wall.” — Ena Osterhouse

The children were also so delighted that they could create a tasty and edible masterpiece out of the food nature has give them from Ms. Gretka’s garden and farm. They loved every part of art class! We look forward to more art with Ms. Gretka and her beautiful helpers at Coldwater Studio Thanks Gretka!!!” — Jeff Osterhouse

Thanks so much for having my daughter at your art camp. She thoroughly enjoyed her time this past summer and always looks forward to upcoming classes. She is always impressed by the nature walks and gathering of plants and flowers that your then inspire them to paint. She absolutely loves painting in the barn and feels like it brings here closer to nature. Thanks so much for all that you do to inspire the young students that are interested in art and nature.” — the Best Family